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Losar 2020, 2147 Tibetan Year of the Iron Mouse

February 24, 2020

LOSAR- 2147 Tibetan Year of the Iron Mouse

This year, the Tibetan Losar (New Year) Festival falls on Monday, February 24th, 2020. Tibetans all over the world will celebrate by making  a special Tibetan festive noodle soup (gu-thuk).

Stay tuned to our website and social media outlets as we near this special holiday because we will be holding a celebration at the Buddhist Institute where Geshe-la often makes everyone at the a special batch of his authentically scrumptious, vegetarian gu-thuk.


Tibetan Astrology – Mouse

Direction: north

Fix element: water

Hour: 11 am -1 am

Metal mouse: 1840, 1900, 1960
Water mouse: 1852, 1912,1972
Wood mouse: 1864, 1924, 1984
Fire mouse: 1876, 1936, 1996
Earth mouse: 1888, 1948, 2008

Favourable day: wednesday

Favourable day for health: tuesday

Bad day: saturday

Good harmony with: Monkey, Dragon, Mouse, Buffalo, Rabbit, Snake

Bad harmony with: Horse, Cock, Sheep

Qualities: charm, intelligence, imagination, parsimony, love to be with others, sociality, quickness, sense of humor, love devotion, romanticism, sense of danger.

Lacks: opportunism, individualism, aggressiveness, stinginess, passionality, over-ambitions, nervousness, possessiveness, selfishness, greed, loves gossip and criticism.

Favourable planet: Mercury, Mars

Non-favourable planet: Saturn

Additional notes: it is said that mouse natives born during the day and in summer are particularly lucky. Infance and old age are favourable, the intermediate part of life is less lucky.



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