About UCF

The Universal Compassion Foundation (UCF) is a charitable organization whose mission is to bring awareness and engage in compassionate practice towards those suffering beings who cannot speak of their right to live in peace.

Our message is a simple one: Compassion is not the exclusive right of human beings. Just as we humans prefer to experience loving kindness and compassion, so too do the animals we consume as food or abuse and sometimes even kill for “sport”, even though they cannot express this basic right.

Our main focus as a foundation is to ease the suffering of those helpless animals who are slaughtered for meat, ritual sacrifice, the cruel sport of hunting, or are abused in farms and industries and wherever they may suffer. The long-range goals of UCF are global concerns, such as promoting world peace, interfaith harmony, protection and conservation of the environment, “the mother earth” giving a helping hand to destitute children in their education and any such programmes of necessary assistance, who would otherwise be left suffering great difficulties in their struggles to survive.

We undertake this mission from the inspiration of the Compassionate teachings of the Buddha Shakya Muni through H.H. The Dalai Lama, as well as our own experience from the way we live our lives. It is our hope that their blessings and inspiration will help fuel this movement to spread throughout the world, and to overcome whatever obstacles may arise on the noble path.

— Ven. Geshe Thupten Phelgye
Founder; Universal Compassion Foundation