Sangha members of the Buddhist Institute of Universal Compassion would like to offer you a warm and compassionate welcome to our beautiful temple. Please come join us for Sunday Meditation & Dharma 10:00 A.M. as well as Friday Night Meditation & Dharma teaching at 6:30 P.M. (everyone is welcome however it is currently geared for more senior practitioners).

Every teaching and meditation is led by Venerable Geshe Phelgye which assures each student is being guided authentically by the same Master. The Geshe degree is a lifetime achievement (equivalent to a doctorate in Buddhism) which takes between 17-40 years to accomplish (Geshe Phelgye earned his in 18). Venerable Geshe Phelgye also served two terms in the Tibetan Parliament in Exile alongside H.H. the 14th Dalia Lama. This was after a five year retreat in the Himalayan Mountains above Dharmashala where he was fortunate enough to engage in several private sessions and retreats with his Guru and longtime friend,  H.H. the 14th Dalai Lama.

Dalai Lama and Geshe la Phelgye

 Stay tuned to our calendar for incredible events and retreats planned throughout the year celebrating different Tibetan Buddhist Holidays. 

We are located at 728 E. Rich Ave. Spokane, WA 99207. Everyone who is earnestly interested is welcome to join our loving sangha community. We always look forward to meeting new Dharma friends here at Venerable Geshe Phelgye’s Buddhist Institute of Universal Compassion. If you do not live in the Spokane area but wish to speak with Venerable Geshe Phelgye or another sangha member, kindly email us at and we are always happy to help answer any questions.

Venerable Geshe Phelgye's 63rd Birthday!