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Saga Dawa 2022

May 31, 2022 @ 12:00 am June 29, 2022 @ 11:59 pm

Saga Dawa 2022

The most important month in the Tibetan lunar calendar is Saga Dawa, the 4th lunar month, which runs from May 31, 2022, to June 29, 2022. The 15th day of this lunar month, the full moon day is called Saga Dawa Düchen. In Tibetan, Düchen translates into “great occasion.” This year, Saga Dawa Düchen falls on Tuesday, June 14, 2022. This day is the single most important holy day of the year for Tibetan Buddhists.

Saga Dawa Duchen 2022

Saga Dawa Düchen commemorates the birth, enlightenment, and Parinirvana of our perfect and most supreme teacher, Buddha Shakyamuni. In other Buddhist traditions, this occasion is known as Buddha Purnima, Vesak, or Buddha Day. It is celebrated slightly earlier than Saga Dawa based on a different lunar calendar.

We honored this auspiciously great occasion at the Buddhist Institute with an inter-tradition gathering that brought Venerable and fellow Dharma brothers and sisters from four different Buddhist temples. We may be from other traditions; however, we all follow and praise the same foremost teacher, Buddha Shakyamuni.

Inter-tradition Buddha Purnima at the Buddhist Institute
First Annual Inter-tradition Buddha Purnima at the Buddhist Institute

Saga Dawa: the Month of Merits:

Saga Dawa is the month of merits, also called bumgyur Dawa, which means “merits multiplied by a hundred thousand times.” Tibetan Buddhists worldwide make extra efforts in practicing Dharma, generosity, and compassion to accumulate greater virtuous merits and purify our negative karmas. Along with remembering Buddha and his activities, the festival’s main point is to pray.

It is said by many that the goal of the festival season is to pray for the long life of all the holy Gurus of all traditions, for the survival and spreading of Buddha’s teachings in the minds of all sentient beings, and for world peace. Tibetan Buddhists go to monasteries and temples to pray during the Saga Dawa Festival. One place in Lhasa where crowds of Tibetans gather to pray is the Potala Palace. Hundreds of people lie down or stand to pray in front of it.

Saga Dawa Duchen 2022

Celebrate Saga Dawa Duchen 2022: Zoom into the Buddhist Institute!

Join us for Saga Dawa Duchen! Venerable Geshe Phelgye has offered to teach a special retreat honoring this sacred day. Zoom links will be shared shortly before the event.

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